Thursday, August 30, 2018

Had fun creating this paw print for a special dog named Odin.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rubber Stamp Carving of
Famous Black Baseball Player,
Jackie Robinson.
One of his well known
'The most luxurious posession,
the richest treasure anybody has,
is his personal dignity.
~ Jackie Robinson~ 

Went to see the movie '42' and was so inspired
by his story, even though the movie was not entirely accurate 
or inclusive, that I wanted to capture him in a rubber stamp carving.
I hope you like my effort!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Custom Wedding Logo Rubber Stamp

This hand carved wedding logo rubber stamp 
was created for a customer
for her upcoming wedding this Summer.
What a joy to create something this detailed and fun
for this lovely couple to use in
so many different ways for their wedding!

  Here are two of the ways they are using 
the custom rubber stamp wedding logo. I have
also been told that it will be going on the front of 
CD case cover, the groom is a musician.
I am looking forward 
to seeing more pictures of how they used it.
How fun is that!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Folk Art Spring Flower Rubber Stamp

Spring flowers will be coming up
soon here in Iowa, and I thought I would
get a jump start by carving a 
folk art style rubber stamp flower.
This one is a nice size at around
2 1/2 inches by 1 3/4 inches.
I will be looking forward to seeing 
the first blooms of Spring soon, though,
in the garden off of my Sun-room!  

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kokeshi Doll Rubber Stamps, Antique style

Set of 4 hand carved rubber stamp
antique style Kokeshi Dolls.
I had so much fun drawing these, let alone carving them. Being able to use them is 
something that I look forward to, but being able to hold these little rubber stamp carvings 
in my hand and study them after carving is
an added benefit. It seems to have been done by someone else once the stamp has been carved.
They each have a unique personality and 
represent different provinces
in Japan. It is so amazing how many
doll styles there are in Japans Kokeshi history !  
Here is a link that tells more about the history of Kokeshi's that a friend of mine in Singapore shared with me:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Apple Theme Post Card

Apple Theme Hand Carved Stamp Post Card.  
A swap in honor of the new Apple Stamp that the Post Office has just come out with for 2013. Hand carved
rubber stamp apple with the word, apple,
rustically carved for the background. 
Trying out different surfaces for carving is always interesting. For the apple background I used 
craft foam, very fun and easy to carve a 'rubber' stamp out of!  Also, very easy for children to create
stamps from.  

Hand Carved Mouse with Cheese

This is a post card carving I just completed for a swap that I am doing for the first time. Had 
this little Mouse idea in my head for some time
and wanted to see what he would 
look like, so here he is! Edged the card in blue because he has blue eyes, and he has been eating  Cheese, the crumb's under his whiskers are evidence of that!
Added a carving of cheese and his 
title, MOUSE
Would be interested in hearing what you
 think about him?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun Vintage Melt Your Heart Snowman Rubber Stamp Carving

A new Winter themed rubber stamp carving, a 
vintage look snowman. Some times I
do a carving with a purpose in mind and this
one I wanted to use as a return address
stamp! It has a very strong wood cut feel to it. 
Sort of rustic and old timey feeling.
If yu would like to see more please visit
my shop: 
 I think I will also carve him with out
the name and address. 
I love snowmen and this version
just came through to my paper 
when drawing, and seemed to just say

'Here I am!' 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Athena and Rubber Stamp Chocolate Bunny, They Go Together, Right?

This rubber stamp carving is of the 
Greek Goddess Athena. Her classic Greek
features, and fancy hair and ornaments were
fun to carve into a rubber stamp.
I can see myself wanting to carve a wood
block of this someday.

This little 'chocolate' bunny just popped
into my head one day and begged me to carve it!
So, being a lover of folk art, that is the style
I chose for this little hand carved rubber stamp.
Plus Easter and bunnies are a favorite
thing around my household.
Please stop by my etsy shop and take a look
at my unique hand carved stamps. Maybe I could
even create a special one for you!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soar Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

Made a birthday card for my son's
15th birthday. Decided I needed  a 
very large word stamp. So, of course, I carved a 
rubber stamp to fit the bill!
The way this card design came about is
kind of funny. I was throwing something away
when I noticed a VERY old airplane 
magazine that my husband had
thrown out. I did a double take because
I couldn't believe that he had thrown it 
away and also because the colors were
so neat! 
I immediately thought of  making a 
card for my son (also an airplane lover).
I also wanted it to say 'soar' reflecting not only
the airplane theme, but also what I wanted
him to aspire to. 
So that is when I knew
that I would have to hand carve a rubber stamp!
I really like the way the stamp turned out. I distressed it, so it would look a bit older, by 
carving little tiny areas away. 
I am including a quote that I think is 
so inspiring:
“To an infinite artist, a Creator in love with His craft, there is no unimportant corner, there is no thrown-away image, no tattered thread in the novel left untied.” Nate Wilson

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wedding Lace Rubber Stamp Carving

Wedding dress lace, rubber stamp carving.
Had fun with this carving. Used a
photograph of the young lady's lace from
her wedding dress, drew it and then carved it for 
her, adding the words, 'Thank You'. The words have a fine texture carved into them as well.
She will use it to make her own thank you notes to send to all of her guests. 
So special to be able to duplicate something like that for someone.
And a rubber stamp that she can use for years to come!
Included a picture of the actual rubber stamp and one of 
the print from the hand carved stamp. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Flower 'Ua' Plaster Carving

Here is the image I was mentioning in the post of 
the rubber stamp Plaster of Paris Box carving.
You can see that the image didn't print very clearly.
The texture is nice though. I took a cookie cutter and
filled it with plaster. Let it dry and then etched 
into the top of it. I then coated it with 
acrylic paint, using my finger, and printed
 onto Mulberry paper. The word 'Ua' is 
Swahili for 'Flower'. We currently have a 
student from Tanzania staying with us and
that is why I used that language. It is a very pretty
pretty language to hear spoken! 


Tiny, Plaster of Paris Box Carving!

This is a very tiny (1" by 1 2/3")rubber stamp
carving of a box of Plaster of Paris.
I did and experiment with plaster
and carving into it, didn't really like
the way the experiment turned out. But I got to looking at the box and thought hmmm, that might be an interesting rubber stamp carving!
Certainly isn't perfect but it is fun. 

Three New Carvings To Share

 This is an antique rail road lantern
that a customer wanted carved into a rubber stamp. 
I am always interested in carving something
new and different and I really like this image.
I like the holes at the top of the 
lantern, and all of the 
wire work is interesting. They also wanted 
initials carved into the glass globe.

Here is a hand carved rubber stamp of some 
Japanese Kanji.
I believe they say Good Luck, Prosperity and 
Long Life

These three 'Mid Century' cats were so much 
fun to carve into rubber stamps. I am a huge cat (dog's, too!) fan. 
But something about the 1950's and 1960's style just seems
to have a pull on me. The walking cat is after a silver 
pin that a dear cousin gave me when I was quite young. 
I must have liked it, even then,because 
I have saved it for many years!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Black Bird Rubber Stamp

Here is a hand carved rubber stamp I made a few weeks 
ago for a publication called Gothic Blackbird.
I thought it would be interesting to show the 
rubber stamp carving printed on two different 
background colors.
It gives a different feel to the carving
depending on what color paper you stamp on.
I love birds, and would most likely carve
them all day if I could!
We recently put a Hummingbird feeder
outside of our kitchen sink window. What a 
fantastic show we have had all Summer long!
We could see all kinds of battles and
aerial dog fights whilst doing our dishes!
Talk about free entertainment :)
Another interesting thing that I had never had the 
opportunity to see before, was their little tongue
going in and out after sipping. Just like 
they were licking their 'lips' !
However, for rubber stamp carving I will stick to the
less delicate bird families! 
Unless, of course, someone can convince me otherwise! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here is an image that I never thought
of carving into a rubber stamp until someone requested it for
a logo. In my shop on etsy, Sparrow Foot Stamps, I have
many different hand carved rubber stamps, and 
I also offer custom logo designs, like the example above!
It is like an adventure when someone asks me
to design something for them. It gives me a thrill that I can't describe.
It is often something that I have never thought of carving into a 
rubber stamp before. So it can be a challenge to 
design something, but it is a good challenge and
I love the process of it all. From the original drawing
to the hand carving of the stamp, and the printing of it!
I enjoy making something that can be so
usable and still very artistic!
Rubber stamp carvings are so individual, just
 like the people that I carve them for!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Uncle Bud

My very first post!
This blog is dedicated to rubber stamp carvings,
 primarily,but also prints made from other 
types of carvings now and then.
This is a print from a rubber stamp carving I recently finished 
of my Uncle Bud, a fabulous wood carver, now retired at 90.

When he was cleaning out some of his supplies and unfinished 
starts I noticed he was going to throw a half finished bird, a Robin , I think, away! I couldn't bear the thought. And now it sits in my kitchen and I love looking at it-and thinking of him- every time I walk by.

 Sometimes little things like that are so important, a little thread that connects us to the ones that we love so dearly. I know if he wasn't stricken with Alzheimer's he would still be carving and would most likely have loved creating hand carved images on rubber, too.