Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soar Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

Made a birthday card for my son's
15th birthday. Decided I needed  a 
very large word stamp. So, of course, I carved a 
rubber stamp to fit the bill!
The way this card design came about is
kind of funny. I was throwing something away
when I noticed a VERY old airplane 
magazine that my husband had
thrown out. I did a double take because
I couldn't believe that he had thrown it 
away and also because the colors were
so neat! 
I immediately thought of  making a 
card for my son (also an airplane lover).
I also wanted it to say 'soar' reflecting not only
the airplane theme, but also what I wanted
him to aspire to. 
So that is when I knew
that I would have to hand carve a rubber stamp!
I really like the way the stamp turned out. I distressed it, so it would look a bit older, by 
carving little tiny areas away. 
I am including a quote that I think is 
so inspiring:
“To an infinite artist, a Creator in love with His craft, there is no unimportant corner, there is no thrown-away image, no tattered thread in the novel left untied.” Nate Wilson


Debra said...

It is nice to read about the story behind your art. I'm a fan!

Michelle Morlan said...

Thanks, Debra!
Loved making this card for him. He just loves to fly with his dad!
I knew when I saw the old magazine that I needed to make it right away so it didn't get forgotten, and luckily he ( my son ) was out of the house so I could get it done right then and there! :)