Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun Vintage Melt Your Heart Snowman Rubber Stamp Carving

A new Winter themed rubber stamp carving, a 
vintage look snowman. Some times I
do a carving with a purpose in mind and this
one I wanted to use as a return address
stamp! It has a very strong wood cut feel to it. 
Sort of rustic and old timey feeling.
If yu would like to see more please visit
my shop: 
 I think I will also carve him with out
the name and address. 
I love snowmen and this version
just came through to my paper 
when drawing, and seemed to just say

'Here I am!' 


Debra said...

You really captured the old timey look-it's a great carving.
And yes, you may come and hug one of my geese any time!

Michelle Morlan said...

Thanks so much, Debra!
I'll be right over;)