Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hand Carved Mouse with Cheese

This is a post card carving I just completed for a swap that I am doing for the first time. Had 
this little Mouse idea in my head for some time
and wanted to see what he would 
look like, so here he is! Edged the card in blue because he has blue eyes, and he has been eating  Cheese, the crumb's under his whiskers are evidence of that!
Added a carving of cheese and his 
title, MOUSE
Would be interested in hearing what you
 think about him?


Debra said...

Your carving talent is amazing. when I even THINK about all those delicate looking lines-I swoon! :) Lovely art.

Michelle Morlan said...

Hi Debra,
The rubber stamp mouse was fun to carve, tedious, but fun! I asked my husband if he liked it and his answer was "no". I asked him why and he said, "because it doesn't look like a real mouse"!
He will never understand my art, lol!

Michelle Morlan said...

Meant to say many thanks, too!